How to Spot a Rip

It doesn’t matter if you are a local or a tourist here in Australia, you need to be AWARE and stay SAFE for yourself, your friends/family and strangers around you on the beach.

Please go to this website to get a good understanding on what a rip is, how to stay away from rips and what to do if you get caught up in one.

How to spot a rip

Koonya Beach

GPS: -38.363103,144.751341
Location: Hughes Road, Sorrento

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Bay of Islands

GPS: -38.357828,144.741391
Location: Diamond Bay Road, Sorrento

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Diamond Bay

GPS: -38.353989,144.743671
Location: Diamond Bay Road, Sorrento
Information about Diamond Bay

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St Pauls Beach

GPS: -38.35168,144.735211
Location: St Pauls Road, Sorrento
Information about St Pauls Beach

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