St Pauls Beach

GPS: -38.35168,144.735211
Location: St Pauls Road, Sorrento
Information about St Pauls Beach

St Pauls Beach consists of cliffs and rocky formations, there’s only one set of stairs that will bring you down to the beach. So remember it will be a steep climb back up to the carpark. It is best when it is low tide. Check Willy Weather site for low tides.

**Nature Note**

You will find the starfish known as Cushion Sea Star or Carpet Sea Star or Eight-armed Seastar (Patiriella calcar) living in rock pools and shallow waters, they feed on algae and molluscs. The topside of the starfish can be a variety of colours and patterns. That pale spot is the madreporite, which filters water into the water vascular system which enables the starfish to move. Interestingly, they don’t “lay” eggs, they give birth to live young in late spring and summer.

Please becareful where you walk, asides from being slippery and uneven, alot of intertidal fauna live amongst the algae known as Neptune’s Necklace or Sea Grapes (Hormosira banksii) which covers this area extensively. Be considerate so generations can enjoy this place.

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